Bugfix release 1.2.7

Hi, everyone!

During four months the project has been collecting some bugfixes and improvements. Here they are:
  1. RTUServer doesn't stop serving when there is no RTU messages. Pull request #37.
  2. Fixed a bug with flushing buffer in RTUviaTCPClient.
  3. Added validation for UDI in TCPServer. See request #38.
  4. Added a warning message to ask use UID=255 for TCP Server according to the protocol specification.

Thanks a lot to @jhart-r7 and @kyoma-takahashi. Good job!


Release 1.2.6

Hello everyone!

I've received a new pull request from @kimhmadsen. The patch solves the problem of the input buffer's flushing on Windows machine (it works too slow) and make the code cleaner. It isn't the first patch around the flushing there were some bugs. and optimisations. So I hope we've found the best solution and closed the issue.

Thanks a lot for using RModBus and Ruby!

P.S. Don't forget to update the gem!


Bugfix release 1.2.5

Good news everyone!

We have caught and fixed a new bug. Thanks @mtuckerb for his report!

There was a problem with clearing the buffer of the serial port. The RTU client cleans it before each request by using #read_nonblock method. If the buffer has any data, #read_nonblock raises EOFError exception as the fact that all bytes have been read. The handling of exception used to have a bug and the exception crashed an user program. Thus the problem was faced only by users who had some rubbish in the buffer. 

I recommend to update your gem to avoid the problem.


New releases 1.2.3 and 1.2.4

Hi, everyone!

I returned to the project after a while. And now I'm glad to represent you two little bug-fixing changes:

  1. Thanks for the reminding from @vanjabucic I published the 1.2.3 gem to apply patch #30.
  2. After I tried to run test for new ruby-2.2 I figured out that GServer, which is used in the server part of RModBus, is removed from stdlib to a separate gem. So I add the runtime dependency, but after I pushed 1.2.3 gem to rubygems.org. Thus I must have yanked 1.2.3 and built new 1.2.4 version with the fix.
 It's a shame that  I needed to make two releases for 2 changes in a day. I should be more careful then.



Bugfix release 1.2.2


One more small (or biggest for someone) bug has been observed and fixed in the server part of library. By specification the reading limit for discrete data is 2000... Now it is like this after 5 years live of the project ....=) See  issue #29 for details. And thanks to @kimhmadsen for help!



Bugfix release 1.2.1

Hello, everyone!

Next bugfix version has been released. Now we should have no read_block problem on your
Windows machine. Thanks patch from @sriharshav.



RModBus 1.2.0 has been released.

Hello everyone!

I'm glad to represent next minor release of rmodbus. Big news it's compatibility with ruby-2.0.0 (thanks @zatapathique).  I have some errors in TCPServer tests but it works good outside of  RSpec environment. Although  you should use it carefully with last version of Ruby. Also I changed mechanism of transactions processing and now you should not meet this situation.

Well.. don't forget:

gem install rmodbus

Thanks, Aleksey

PS. Maybe somebody will interest in fixing that bug